Past Life Regression

'Past-life therapy is not a

therapy for the narrow -minded

or skeptical but for the already

partially awakened

spiritual traveller who is ready to 

embrace the reality of spirit guides

and the existence of other dimensions

and other words, and who is unafraid

to explore consciousness in all of its

unlimited varieties and forms' 

Ernest Pecci

What is it?

Some would call it an art, some a craft, others a psychological, parapsychological or healing practice, even a spiritual exercise. Perhaps it is a little of all of these, but however it is described, Past Life Regression is a discipline that uses diverse techniques such as hypnosis, diverse exercises or guided relaxation and visualization to access our memories to lives that occurred before our present life. When it is an actual state, it recalls scenes, feelings and memories from another lifetime that we lived as though it were happening now, seeing what is like a film in our mind ‘eyes’, whilst experiencing one of the character’s fears, emotions and/or thoughts.

How it works

After relaxation through visualization you are guided through a new scenery of your past life. What you recall might be fragmentary (i.e. when you remember fragments from the past , small events, sensations or emotions); partial (when you remember more than in the fragmentary experience, that is you remember defined scenes or situations but can’t recall the full sequence of events); or full, when you return totally to a moment in time until the regression is finished. You relive the entire experience.
It is possible that no memories come back at all and it is important to realise that  specific results from regression therapy can’t be guaranteed. It is possible that you may not produce any memories at all (20% of an average practice accounts for a ‘fruitless’ session). But even if the initial session didn’t ‘work’, future regressions could produce memories. Indeed there are many reasons why some sessions are non-productive: sometimes because the memories of it are too painful and the subconscious may not feel ready to re-experience a trauma. 

Belief Systems

A firm belief in reincarnation is not necessary because past life regression is fundamentally a therapy to heal the psyche. Wherever the wounds come from, past life regression brings you to the starting point of those issues. If you have chosen ‘unconsciously’ to believe that your traumas are rooted in past lives, that is sufficient for the unconscious mind to release emotions associated with memories.
Reincarnation has not been proven scientifically and therefore believing in it is a personal choice, either due to one’s religious or cultural beliefs, one’s family background, one’s life experience or simply one’s openness of mind.

What matters is that the treatment works regardless of your own system of spiritual beliefs, in accordance with your belief system.

What are the benefits?

People can obtain unexpected benefits from a regression when they  participate because of curiosity. Indeed, many people come to a Past Life Regression therapist out of curiosity, to see if it works or to see if past lives exist. Some people simply try anything once. They my not only leave the session with more knowledge on the matter, proving themselves right or wrong or having formed an opinion, they may also leave the session with an increased interest in spirituality or they may might unexpectedly uncover memories or materials that need to be dealt with therapeutically.

Even the most incredulous of people may gain spiritual openness or become aware of issues worth addressing.
Often, people desire past life regression therapy because they are suffering from some unexplained fear or phobia that they haven't resolved with conventional psychological practices because the root cause of the issue is to be found in a past life.


(a percentage from all takings goes to charities)

​Past Life Regression Therapy

  • Initial Session: £60

  • Following Session: £50

  • Package: 4 Sessions: £180

Ku Nye Massage

. Per Session: £40


  • Per Session (1 hour): £30

  • Package: 4 Sessions: £100

Ku Nye Tibetan Head, Hands and Feet Massage

Introduced to Auto-guided Massage

in 1994, I have practised massage professionally since 2002 when

I qualified in Full body

Holistic Massage.

Ku Nye Tibetan Head, Hands and Feet Massage originated in Tibet and is based on Ayurvedic principles and the Bön tradition that pre-existed the buddhist 'invasion'. It has since incorporated some buddhist principles. It aims to harmonise and integrate mind and body by stimulating, releasing and expanding subtle energies that help unite mind, body and senses. Ku Nye Tibetan head, hands and foot massage helps to activate some of the main systems of the body, helping them to work more efficiently. 

A bit on Reiki

Introduced to Reiki in 1998, I am a 

Reiki Master/Teacher with 15 years experience as a Reiki practitioner.

Reiki is a Natural System of hands-on healing developed in 1922 Japan by Mikao Usui.

Reiki practitioners use various techniques to transfer 'Universal Life energy' mostly through the palms of their hands, but also through gaze, for example, to the patient to encourage physical, emotional and spiritual healing. It should not be thought as replacement for conventional medical treatments but as an added help that promotes the body own abilities to heal itself.